Welcome to our new free stained glass patterns website, where top quality stained glass designs are given out daily.

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This web site provides various free stained glass patterns that are free for you to download and use in your stained-glass projects. The designs are all original, sometimes inspired by other designs seen on pictures, books, internet, other media and in real life, but never the same. Some designs are variations of the same pattern. Pay close attention as although two patterns may look the same except for the colors, there are no two exactly identical patterns.

How to download your favourite pattern

Browse the site by using the left menu to go to different pages. Choose a design and click on it to enter the page for that particular design. There you get a color version and an outline version of the design both of which you can download with a right click. Note that color versions of the patterns are only provided as reference and colors should obviously be changed to your liking.

Free patterns for stainedglass

When choosing a pattern please make sure that it is suitable for your needs. Some patterns are intended for large panels, others for small, a few patterns are intended for overlay glass and cannot be worked out with leaded glass unless modified. Take time to analyse the pattern and make sure it is to your liking and you are able to work it out before you start as such mistakes can be costly.

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